Ways To Calm Stress

Ways to Calm Stress

Stress is a HUGE inconvenience for everyone, although it can be for good or bad reasons. For example, stressing about a school project is a good thing because if you didn’t have the stress you would slack off a bit more than usual. Most of the time stress is just an unnecessary addition to your day. Always remember that it CAN be treated and it WILL be relieved. You don’t deserve to be going through any kind of negative stress in your life. 

Let’s get rid of this mind block together… the stress stops now! 

These are ways that have helped me calm my stress in the past:

1.) Go outside and get fresh air 

There’s something so enlightening about being outside. Give your mind a bit of a mental break, and fully relax within your body. You need to cool off and create a better mindset for yourself. Try listening to all of the sounds of nature while focusing on your breathing, opening your lungs, and giving your brain it’s much needed fresh oxygen. Imagine that there’s no one else in the world but you. 

2.) Make a soothing playlist and listen to it

I always have a playlist set and ready for me to listen whenever I’m feeling stressed. I sit back, relax, and listen to all of the lyrics within a selection of calming songs. It really helps to have a go-to playlist that I can count on whenever I need a break from life. Music is one thing that really makes my heart smile. 

3.) Take a shower/bath

Showering in itself forces me to get off my phone and let my thoughts wander. A bath is a different story because I can literally lift weight off of my body. Both are equally beneficial. If I’m in need of a mental cleanse, it always helps to physically cleanse myself also… especially when I’m in need of some alone time. I can cry my heart out in the shower or bath (which I highly recommend doing to let go of your stress) and come out fresh and clean like nothing ever happened! Let me tell you it’s such a good feeling.

4.) Rant to your closest friend(s)

A good rant is much needed every once in a while. If something has been on my mind recently, it’s always good to talk it out and get input from someone I trust. Rather than keeping everything inside and dealing with the problem myself, I tell my closest friends who always know how to help get through the situation. Human communication is necessary for calming stress.

5.) Clean your room

Declutter your mind, and declutter the space you’re in most. I love to create a space that allows me to feel motivated and excited to start my day when I get out of bed every morning. You don’t need to add to your stress by having a cluttered room where you can’t find anything. Make what you have beautiful, and organize! I love cleaning my room when I’m feeling stressed to get my mind off of the stressor as well. 

6.) Cook or bake something (anyone can do it!)

Have fun with it! Put your favorite playlist on and get to “work”! It’s so rewarding to make something for you and/or others to eat. Find a good recipe and make some delicious food… because who doesn’t love eating good food? It’s even more fun to try a new recipe that you’ve never tried before. I promise you your worries will begin to fade away the moment you begin!

7.) Exercise 

I’m about to get technical here. When you exercise, endorphins are released. These endorphins interact with the brain and cause a reduction of pain and a positive feeling in your body.  This is why endorphins are known as the “feel good hormone”. So scientifically, your stress decreases and you feel much happier when you exercise! Isn’t that cool? Go lift some weights and appreciate all that your body can do.

8.) Journal

When I’m feeling stressed, a great way to deal with it is to write down my thoughts and reflect on them. Talking out your feelings always helps if you don’t feel like writing them down, but I believe that writing is more beneficial. Whatever works for you! This technique allows you to attack your stress one step at a time. Also, if you write something down you never forget it! It’s always there if you need to add to it. I highly suggest this one

9.) Practice a hobby (or learn a new one!)

Whether it’s reading a book, painting, playing soccer, or biking, there are so many great activities waiting for you to try. Get out there and do whatever sets your soul on fire. Stress will never get in the way of something you’re passionate about. In other words, the ultimate relaxation is achieved when you genuinely enjoy a task that you’ve set out to do. 

10.) PRAY

Praying reassures me that stress doesn’t last forever, while God put it in my life for a reason. It simply feels good to pray and spend time with God, as I have learned to fully trust Him and His perfect timing… just be patient. Most importantly, there’s nothing better than sharing some personal time with God. Praying is my highest recommendation of them all.  Praying ALWAYS works BEST for me.

I have high hopes that you’ll find that one of these strategies will work wonders for you, as they all have worked wonders for me in the past.  For some time I’ve paid close attention to the ways that I deal with stress… I wouldn’t be telling you any of these if I knew they didn’t work! Life DOES NOT have to be a build up of stress. You will definitely come across a stress reliever that works for you. You’ve got this!

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