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Quick and Easy DIY Hydro Flask Stickers

Do you ever see a Hydro Flask decorated with stickers and wish you could have your own stickers? The truth is, no one wants so spend money on stickers and it can be hard to find ones you like! Fix those problems! Learn how to make quick, easy, and fully customizable Hydro Flask stickers at home with only 5 materials! The best part is, it’s FREE and you’ll most likely have all 5 things at your house! You won’t want to stop making these DIY stickers!

Also, not only can you use these Hydro Flask stickers to decorate Hydro Flasks, you can also decorate phone cases, laptops, mirrors, or anything else you want!

If you need some inspiration on what kind of stickers to make, you can check out my post of 134 Hydro Flask sticker ideas!

Let’s get started!

Quick and easy DIY Hydro Flask stickers


  • Printer paper
  • Computer/printer/ink
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Parchment paper

Got them? GREAT!

Continue reading to find out how to make your own (and FREE) DIY stickers that YOU can design within MINUTES!

DIY Hydro Flask sticker materials


1. Find some images you want to make into stickers

This is the best part – you get to design your own stickers! 

You can do this in many ways. The way I did it was by making a Google Doc to put my pictures on. Then, I went to Google and searched up what I was looking for!

*Tip: To find a more simplistic version of something, type in “clip art” after it. (Ex. sun – sun clip art)

Once you find some images, save and insert or copy and paste the images into the document. If you want to move the images around so they aren’t too close, click “wrap text” then drag them to where you want. 

Resize them as you want as well!

2. Print!

3. Cut along the images to the shape you want

Paper stickers cut out4. Put an area of tape on the parchment paper

For this step, I used packaging tape. However, you can use any type of tape you want! (I recommend CLEAR tape!)

I used Scotch Tape the other day and it worked just as well!

Make sure to make the area of tape a bit larger than the size of the images you cut out

This tape will later become the sticky side of the sticker!

tape on parchment paper

5. Put one of the paper cutouts on the tape, then cover it with tape

Cover the entire top of the sticker with tape.

*TIP: Layer the tape a little bit, but as little as possible! This makes it look more authentic.

Also, press down to make sure there are no air bubbles!

6. Cut the sticker(s) out

You can cut the stickers out however you want. Just make sure that you get all the tape with it!

Personally, I usually keep a bit of room for tape on the outer edges, but it will still work great if you choose not to do so!

Hydro Flask stickers cut out7. Decorate

Time to decorate!

Grab your Hydro Flask (or laptop, or phone case, or anything), peel off the parchment paper on the back of the sticker, and customize!

For the purpose of this post, I chose to make my stickers a larger than I normally would. I still think it looks great, and just like any other Hydro Flask sticker that you would buy!

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I hope you enjoyed this post!

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  1. Oh my gosh, my teenager is obsessed with hydro flasks and stickers! I never thought to make them- I just keep giving her money to order them online. This would be a fun project for her to work on and save me some $$ 😊

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