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How to Rapidly Grow Your Pinterest in 2019

Hey everyone! So, if you’re reading this post, I’m assuming that you want to grow your Pinterest. I don’t blame you, Pinterest is a GREAT way to market blogs, websites, products, and more! In fact, a majority of our blog traffic is from it!

I’m going to be explaining the best strategies that will help you to grow your Pinterest, based on analytics and experience. As new bloggers, we have  experimented and have found ways that work really well for us. I have no doubt in my mind that after reading this, your account will just take off!

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Okay, let’s get started.

6 Guaranteed Ways to Grow Your Pinterest

First, I’m going to start off by briefly explaining our background.

Gianna and I started our blog, G and L Blog, in early 2019, and it was definitely off to a slow start. Being teen bloggers, it was very hard to balance working on our blog with school. The fact that we barely had a following and only one or two posts up definitely DID NOT motivate us either. So, it took us a while to get back into the swing of things.

Growing our Pinterest was super important to us. After all, our website stats said a majority of our views came from there. Once we were up and running again, we decided to make Pinterest our main form of marketing and that we would really try to grow it! 

It has taken LOTS of trial and error, but we have finally figured out what is working! 

Now, we are starting to grow at a steady rate!

Alright, enough with that. Let’s get to the ways you can grow your Pinterest!

Be active

Sounds simple, right? But it’s SUPER important! Here’s why:

Going on Pinterest, making your own pins, and pinning others pins shows Pinterest that you are reliable. Showing your devotion to Pinterest basically puts you on their “good list.” 

Think about it, an account that has been inactive for months or years is NOT going to be given as much love from Pinterest as an account that is constantly active and growing.

Pinning other’s pins can also help others discover you and can help grow your reach. It’s a win-win.

On our account, we pin A LOT. The main reason that we do this is because we are still pretty small. However, as we grow, we will start to pin a bit less.

Why? It might get annoying for our followers to constantly see only our pins in their feed. They want variety. This could cause them to unfollow us, which no one wants.

You might be wondering, what is a good amount of pins to repin each day?

Well, we have heard from lots of bloggers that they pin around 10-15 pins each day. However, these bloggers are a lot bigger than us!

So, as bloggers with a smaller audience, here’s what we do:

We usually go on Pinterest every hour to every few hours and repin 5-10 pins to different boards. This way, our content isn’t overbearing but we are still getting ourselves out there and adding loads of content!

If you are a new blogger, we recommend this!

So basically, do what you think is best for YOU, YOUR FOLLOWING, and YOUR BUSINESS. Just remember to stay active!

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Group boards

Group boards are AMAZING to grow your Pinterest.

There are so many benefits of being part of group boards that you NEED to know of! Here’s just a few:

  • You can join as many as you want
  • They can be found for (mostly) any niche
  • You can share your content with A TON of people (Some group boards even hundreds of thousands of followers. That means there’s a chance for all of them to see your pins and content! Sounds awesome, right?)
  • Most group boards have a rule that you must repin a certain amount of pins for each pin that you add, which helps you and others to grow
  • Everyone benefits
  • You can discover other blogs and people

Don’t group boards sound incredible? Well, they are. 

I STRONGLY encourage you to join at least one group board or more and pin to it! This will without a doubt help your Pinterest (and blog!) to grow. Just remember to follow the rules if there are any!

Now, you might be wondering… How can I find other group boards to join?

Well, there’s a few ways. 


PinGroupie is great for finding group boards because it gives you a bunch of analytics about them!

You can search for any type of group board you want and PinGroupie will give you a list of all the ones it can find, and the board stats. That way, you can see which boards will be the best fit for you!

PinGroupie is also FREE to use!

Here’s an example of what it would look like if I just typed in “travel.”

PinGroupie Travel

PinGroupie will show you some content with high repins related to your search.

PinGroupie Travel 2

PinGroupie will also show you great boards related to your search.

Find them yourself

Gianna and I have actually had really good luck by just searching for group boards inside Pinterest! Here’s how we do that:

All you have to do is go to search! Now, you can just type in “group boards,” and then click “boards called ‘group boards’” at the bottom, or you can your search more specific. (For example, you could search “European Travel Group Boards.”

Here’s another example of what it would look like if I typed in “Travel Group Boards.”

Travel Group Boards

How can you tell if a board is a group board? It’s simple! Look at the BOTTOM LEFT of the board cover, and if there are multiple profile pictures in the circle, then it’s a group board.

How to Tell if a Board is a Group Board

You can also CLICK on the board, and in the upper right you can see how many contributors there are in the board!

Just remember, some group boards you can request to join, some are closed to contributors, and some require other steps for you to join.

Manual pin

Believe it or not, manual pinning is actually very important.

Manual pinning is when you go on Pinterest and physically pin things, versus using a scheduler. 

*Don’t get me wrong, schedulers are great. We even use Tailwind! It is okay to use schedulers, but manual pinning every so often is a good idea.*


Once again, it looks good to Pinterest. As we mentioned above, this will put you on Pinterest’s “good list” because they love to see activity! Pinterest will like seeing you go on their app, search for, and find content, and pin content. 

While a lot of people are using schedulers, a lot of people aren’t. That is a BUNCH of missed content! Manual pinning will give you more of a variety of content.

Schedulers also typically only add one pin at once, but it is fine to go and manual pin quite a few at once!

So, just try to manual pin every so often! 

How to Grow Your Pinterest

Follow others

This one is pretty cool and is something we experimented with a lot, and it works!

Here’s the experiment:

Our Pinterest account usually got around 3-4 followers PER WEEK. That number is extremely low and we obviously wanted it to go up.

After doing a good amount of research, which we recommend whenever you are trying to do or find more information about something (learn more about this in 5 Tips for New Bloggers), lots of other bloggers recommended following your “competition” or other people in your niche or that make similar content to yours.

So we tried that. Here’s our results:

After following maybe 20 accounts related to our niche, over ONE NIGHT we gained about 15 followers! Now that may not seem like a lot, but for a beginning and small Pinterest page under 100 followers, that’s a lot.

So, we found that we get the most followers when we go on a mini following spree. And it’s not just the people we follow that follow us back, a MAJORITY of them are other accounts!

Clearly, this has been working extremely well and it continues to. We recommend you try this method! 

Leave a comment down below telling us if it works for you!

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Pin your own content & having a “Best Of” or “Our Posts” board

If you want your blog to expand, you’re going to want to make pins that link to your own content! This will not only help your Pinterest grow, but it will help your blog or website grow too!

All you have to do is design your own pins. We design our own pins with Canva, which has been working GREAT for us for so many reasons. Here’s why:

  • It’s FREE (unless you want to upgrade)
  • You can make as many designs as you want
  • You can completely customize it how you want
  • There are hundreds of fonts, shapes, and free images (some you need the upgraded version to use)
  • You can use templates
  • You can make your own custom dimensions (pins on Pinterest are typically 600×900, 1100×705, somewhere in between, or a bit larger)

*TIP:  The best and MOST SUCCESSFUL pins on Pinterest are VERTICAL!

*TIP: Make MULTIPLE pins for EACH POST! (This will help expand the reach)

We also recommend adding your logo somewhere on your pins. We always add our logo to let people know that the pin and the content behind it is from OUR blog.

Here’s an example of one of our pins: (Find the blog post for the following pin HERE!)

Our Hawaii Itinerary

Now, we also mentioned that you should make a “Best Of” or “Our Posts” board. Our Pinterest has an “Our Posts” board, which is where we add our own pins that link to our blog. There are a bunch of reasons why you should do this! Here’s some:

  • It keeps all of your posts together, so you can find them easily
  • You can view all of your post analytics in once place (If you have a business account, which you DEFINITELY should!) 
  • Other people who come across your board can look at all of your posts
  • You can see which of your pins are the most and least successful

Creating our “Our Posts” board has been one of the best decisions for our Pinterest! You should do it too, you won’t regret it!

You can find our “Our Posts” board HERE!

Add long descriptions with lots of key words

Last, but most definitely not least, descriptions!

When we first started blogging and using Pinterest, we did not know what a difference descriptions actually make. Believe it or not, long descriptions (AT LEAST a sentence) with a good amount of keywords and hashtags will actually help more people to find your pin!

That’s exactly what you want, right?

Here’s a description of one of our pins that is pretty successful. Take a look! This is a quality description.

(Find the blog post for the description HERE!) 

Quality Pin DescriptionLooks good, doesn’t it?

Now, take a look at one of our under-performing pins. Notice anything about the description? It is definitely NOT as good as the other!

(Find the blog post for the following pin HERE!) 

Poor Pin Description

Just to make it clear, descriptions are not the only thing that determines the virality and success of a pin, but they definitely do play a part. Start improving your descriptions and see how it helps you!

*TIP: Also having good BOARD DESCRIPTIONS can help others find your board too! Once again, include lots of keywords and hashtags!


I really hope that you learned something new from this post that will help you grow your Pinterest! Pinterest is our favorite way to market our blog, so growing it is super important. Like we said earlier, drop your Pinterest name down below and we will check it out and repin some of your content! Have a great day, and best of luck in the future!

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Thanks for reading!

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  1. Are group boards as active as they used to be? Joined a couple but things are going kind of slow. They say group boards are dead and I’m starting to agree. You?

    1. I have heard that group boards are dead too. They may not be as effective as they used to be, but we find that they still do help us! However, we don’t completely rely on them. Our best advice would be to find and join ones with a good amount of following!

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