EASY Ways To Get Organic Traffic To A New Blog

Starting a new blog and getting traffic is DEFINITELY NOT easy.

Over the course of our blogging journey, we’ve learned what it takes to get traffic to our blog: both organic and social.

We’ve also noticed a few trends. For example, social traffic usually comes in waves and is unpredictable, while organic traffic seems to be much more consistent.

As frustrating as it may be, everyone’s goal is to get people to their blog and reading their content! With a new blog, this may seem IMPOSSIBLE. That’s how it felt for us!

However, we are going to share with you how we got steady organic traffic every day, even as beginners!

Also, be sure to check out our resource library for some free resources!

How to Get Organic Traffic With a New Blog

Understanding Traffic

First of all, what is social traffic and what is organic traffic?

Social traffic is traffic that comes from social sources, such as Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram.

Quick self promo…here’s our Pinterest and Facebook! : )

Organic traffic is traffic that comes from search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Any form of traffic is great for your blog! It can lead to sales, email subscribers, and more visitors!

However, like mentioned above, social traffic is not always predictable.

FOR EXAMPLE, in August of 2019, we promoted our blog endlessly! In that month alone, we generated over 700 page views, multiple email subscribers, and many social shares. (700 page views may not seem like much, but for a new blog struggling to get even 100 page views a month, we felt invincible!)

But here’s the down side…

Although we had many social shares and were getting most of our blog views through social traffic, right now (3 months later) we only get about one or two views from social traffic a day.

This just shows that social traffic is usually temporary, and while it can be helpful, it’s important not to rely on it!

That brings us to organic traffic.

Our blog generates most of it’s traffic organically, meaning that people are searching for certain topics, seeing our post pop up in search results, and clicking on it!

Specifically, most of our organic traffic comes from Google!

So…how can you get organic traffic?

Ranking on search engines

The KEY to getting organic traffic is ranking on search engines.

What does it mean to “rank”?

Basically, ranking is all about how high your blog post appears when a term has been searched.

For example, take a look at this screenshot.

Organic Search

The post at the top, “30 World’s Best Places to Visit” is ranked higher than “The 50 Best Places to Travel in 2019” because it appears higher in the results.

Typically, the higher that a website is ranked, the more people will click on it!

Therefore, people are most likely to click on “30 World’s Best Places to Visit”.

How do you rank with a new blog?

Now, with a new blog, if you were to post an article about the topic above, the best vacation spots in the world, you would most likely rank hundreds of positions down and maybe dozens of pages later.

Why is this?

Search demand!

While there are other factors, the reason main reason you would not rank so high is because this topic is so highly searched.


Think about it…popular topics such as this are destined to have more articles and posts written about them! That automatically decreases your chances of ranking higher.

In addition, an issue that is especially relevant to new blogs is a lack of domain authority, backlinks, traffic, or any other thing that older blogs are more likely to have.

Confused? I don’t blame you. Just think of it as CREDIBILITY.

Blogs that have been up for longer or have more comments, page views, returning visitors, stronger SEO, backlinks and more are going to rank higher than newer blogs because they are more “trustable.”

It’s complicated, as you can see.

That’s why it’s hard for new blogs to navigate through this, and why lots of bloggers give up! DON’T give up, because it will come to you!

So now you’re probably wondering, as a new blog, WHAT CAN I DO TO RANK?

Here are my biggest tips for ranking with a new blog:

1. Write posts on topics with less of a search demand, but that are still relevant and searched.

If you want to rank and achieve organic traffic, my best tip is to write about topics that are not extremely popular, but that people still search. AND, be creative with the content!

Someone is more likely to click on “5 Types of Apple Pie and How to Make Them” than “How to Make Apple Pie”!

Keep on reading to learn more about picking good topics and keywords that will help you rank!

2. Write long, search engine optimized posts.

SEO (search engine optimization) is talked about later on in this post.

Be sure to keep reading, it’s important!

3. Use social sources to generate comments.

Believe it or not, one thing that Google looks for are legitimate comments!

I’m not talking about spam comments or comments that are used to promote other things, but comments from visitors pertaining to your post!

Like mentioned above, more comments makes you more “trustable” and “credible.” If Google sees this, you are more likely to rank higher!

The #1 thing that helped us to get more comments are FACEBOOK GROUPS, especially ones with daily threads!

Facebook groups are like giant group chats! Usually they are filled with like-minded bloggers who are all looking to grow their blog! They are not only a great resource to get more people reading your content and social traffic, but it is great to be able to ask other bloggers for their input, hear about some of their favorite resources, and ask them for help!

When I look for a Facebook group to join, I ESPECIALLY look for a Facebook group with daily threads.

Daily threads are a great opportunity to request people to do things such as subscribe to your blog, share your posts, or in this case COMMENT! (Just be sure to reciprocate!)

Here is a great post with a list of Facebook groups that are great for any bloggers to join. I’m part of many!

Do I NEED to write posts with less of a search demand?

Of course not.

I wanted to say this because you should never feel forced to write about certain things. 

Your blog is your own.

However, if you are looking for organic traffic, I would.

Look at the flip side:

Writing posts about more popular or search-demanded topics might get you more social traffic!

If you are all about promoting your posts on social media, this could help you!

Do both to balance it and see what works for you!

*Tip: Being active on Facebook and growing your Pinterest will play a key part in success of social traffic!

Picking topics and choosing keywords

If you want to write posts with less of a search demand, the best thing to do is analyze some keywords and topics to see what is popular, how many people search for it, and when it is popular.

Here are some of my FAVORITE (FREE) tools!

1. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest has SO many great features that can help you with your blog. You can analyze not only keywords, but your entire website to see how it is ranking, what errors there are, your domain authority, backlinks, and more. 

However, right now we’re just going to focus on keyword research!

It’s super simple.

Here’s an example with the keyword “Christmas candles”:

Ubersuggest ex 1

Ubersuggest shows you a BUNCH of analytics on the keyword!

Here’s a few things we can tell just from this:

  1. This keyword is searched mostly from October to January
  2. The SEO difficulty is medium
  3. This keyword has a high search volume

You can also click on “keyword ideas” in the left sidebar to get more analytics!

Ubersuggest ex 2

Here, you can see some related keywords and their search volume and SEO difficulty!

This is super useful if you want to write about a certain topic, but not something extremely difficult to rank for.

I highly recommend checking out this FREE resource. I use it all the time!

(Remember, for new bloggers wanting organic traffic, you are going to want to look for keywords that aren’t too difficult to rank for but still have a good amount of searches!)

2. Google Trends

Google Trends is my other favorite keyword analyzer, and it’s completely FREE!

Take a look at this:

Google Trends

Google Trends allows you to input multiple terms and see how they perform over time!

This is super helpful to see what is trending and what people want to see!

It can also provide you analytics over different periods of time, for certain regions, and for Google Images!

Once again, it’s another great resource to use when picking keywords!

Pin it for later!

Optimizing your post with SEO

Now, writing a post with a lower search demand does NOT guarantee that you will rank.

As mentioned above, some other factors play into this. One of the biggest factors is SEO (search engine optimization).

What is SEO?

SEO is optimizing your website, pages, and posts for search engines to increase your ranking which will convert to more organic traffic!

SEO can be complicated if you go in depth, so rather than me confusing you, here is a great article that will help you learn more about SEO!

How can I write a search engine optimized post?

For anyone using WordPress, Yoast SEO is the answer.

Yoast SEO is a plugin that most bloggers use, and it will guide you through creating a post or page with good readability and good SEO.

Once it’s activated, it’s super easy to use!

All you need to do is scroll to the bottom of your post or page, enter a keyword, and it will show you what you have done well and what you can improve!

Here’s what it looks like for this post. The keyword for this post is “organic traffic”.

Yoast SEO

Just click on “Readability Analysis” or “Focus Keyphrase” to get the analysis of each!

*Tip: Be sure to add a snippet! (This is the little preview of your article that can really grab viewers attention, leading them to click on your post!)

For people not using WordPress, here’s a few things a good search engine optimized post has:

  1. Write at least 300 words
  2. Keep paragraphs short
  3. Use lots of keywords
  4. Add many headings
  5. Include links

Here is a great article to learn more!

Here is a great post by Yoast itself!

Indexing and checking your position

First of all, what is indexing?

Indexing is when Google reviews your blog post or page and makes it eligible to show up in search results. This allows people to see it in search results, leading to organic traffic!

However, this can take up to months.


This SUPER easy trick has saved us!

Three words: Google Search Console

Linking our website up to Google Search Console has been one of our best blogging decisions.

Not only does it show you how many link clicks you are getting, your rankings for each page or post, your impressions, and more, but IT ALLOWS YOU TO INDEX YOUR BLOG POSTS IN MOMENTS!

Literally all you need to do is put the URL of the post in this bar at the top:

Google Search Console

Google Search Console tells you whether it can be indexed or not, and if not, it tells you what you need to change. If it can be indexed, it should be indexed within a day, but sometimes it can even be indexed within a few minutes!

I 100% recommend Google Search Console.

It has literally saved us.

While we are talking about Google, another free resource I love is Google Analytics, which you should check out too! This analyzes EVERYTHING about your traffic and viewers!


Hopefully this post has given you an insight into how you can easily get organic traffic, especially for you beginner bloggers! It can seem difficult at first, but don’t feel overwhelmed. It takes time! Once you get it, you will be so happy and you will definitely be rewarded with all of the visitors! Best of luck on your blogging journey!

If you have any questions, we would love to help you out! Email us here!

Also, if you have any other tips for new bloggers, on SEO, or on getting organic traffic, please comment them to help everyone else out!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wow … this article is so helpful!! Going after organic traffic as a new blogger can be somewhat challenging but your explanations and tips make it way more approachable! I especially enjoyed your suggestions about keyword research and optimizing posts. Really great stuff – thank you so much!!

  2. Excellent article! There are so many useful tips. I have Google search consoles, but I never really understood what it was for or how I could use it. Thank you for sharing!

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