About Us

Our story begins in the 4th grade when we first met playing basketball.
However, our story really takes off in the 6th grade when we were put in the same class. It didn’t take long before we became best friends.
Over the past years, our friendship has continued to grow and grow so much that we now consider each other like “sisters.” Not only did we become extremely close, but so did our families. Within a year of our friendship, both of our families went to Disney together, and the year later, we both went to Hawaii. This incredible trip to the beautiful Hawaiian islands is what sparked our idea to create a blog.

“Why did you want to create a blog?” You might ask. Well, we both have a passion for writing and we want to share our lives with others. Let us tell you, we are so happy we ultimately made this decision and we have not regretted it for one moment!
Our blog, G and L Blog, was created in early 2019 and is growing! We hope you’ll stick around for our journey because we have so many exciting things planned for the future.
This is only the beginning,
Gianna & Leah (G and L Blog)