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5 Tips on Creating the PERFECT Blog Post

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If you’re planning on creating a blog, without a doubt you want the most engaging content. A lot of what who you are and how interested you are in your blog is reflected in your blog posts. Use these tips to help you create the best blog post possible! REMEMBER: Quality is greater than quantity.

Here are some ways that I find to help me to create a greater quality post:


5 Tips on Creating a Blog Post


1. Research your topic

Depending on what the topic of your blog post is, it’s ALWAYS helpful to research a bit about it. By researching your topic, you become more familiar with what you’re planning on talking about. DON’T FORGET to insert links to helpful sites that you used because you always want to provide your audience with the greatest information through the best sources possible. 

By giving a few facts here and there, your viewers will view you as a more trustworthy and more dedicated blogger! Now, of course, giving lots of opinions throughout your blog post is vital to giving the reader an idea of your personality and what they’re in for; but backing up those opinions with true statement shows that you really know what you’re talking about! Overall, creating a good balance between facts and opinions will greatly improve the quality of your blog post.


2. Get to the point

DO NOT make your paragraphs too long; especially if you’re planning on uploading an informational post. Trust me, it makes it A LOT cleaner and easier for the reader if you get straight to the point within multiple paragraphs (even one-sentence paragraphs!). 

A reader does not want to be sitting at their computer, staring at a screen, and trying to get as much information as they can out of one giant paragraph. Most likely the reader will click off of your post when they get bored from the millions of tiny words all in one big group. It’s overwhelming! 

Their attention can only last so long, so continue to keep providing them with reasons to pay attention to your easy-to-read text! 


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3. Use frequent subheadings

By using subheadings, the main points in your content will greatly stand out to the viewer. Your text becomes more organized, and it gives the reader a taste of what they’re in for! 

As said multiple times before, YOU NEED TO KEEP YOUR AUDIENCE ENGAGED.

Do you think you’ll catch the reader’s eye with a seemingly lengthy and unorganized text? NO!

Much larger and bolder subheadings really catch the reader’s eye, ultimately making the reader WANT to find out more about it! Subheadings are great!


4. Bold, underline and italicize key points

Once again, this catches the reader’s eye and brings them to the more important points in your text. I personally think that by adding bold, underlined, and italicized words, the content appears more inviting and exciting! 

What you believe is important deserves to stand out. SO MAKE IT! 

I’m going to keep saying this over and over: You NEED your reader’s attention!

  • This is crucial to make the blog more likable! 
  • People will give positive opinions to more engaging posts!


5. MOST IMPORTANTLY do not force yourself to write when you’re not feeling inspired

YOU WANT the words to flow right onto your post! Nothing should feel forced, and everything should be genuine and enthusiastic. Trust me the viewer will know whether or not you were truly interested in actually creating your blog post. 

The best blog posts come from inspired people! You can tell because it feels as if you’re having a conversation with the content creator rather than a robot giving you advice or telling you a story about something the creator isn’t even passionate about. You want your personality to show throughout your blog post! Don’t give off an uninspired and uninterested mood.

Just try not to get frustrated. Understand that you WON’T be inspired ALL THE TIME. There have been multiple times where I go to start a blog post and nothing comes onto the paper. I just have to stop and try again later! It helps to jot down ideas… they can come at the most random times!

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Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed!

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