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5 Tips For New Bloggers For A Successful Blog

Thinking about starting a blog? I don’t blame you! Blogging is awesome, but it can also be difficult and frustrating at times. However, in the end, it is totally worth it. As new bloggers, we are still learning and discovering new ways to make our blog better. These tips that we have used so far have helped us SO MUCH! Hopefully they will make your blogging experience a lot easier, and will direct you to success!

5 Tips For New Bloggers

1. Organize!

I can’t stress this enough!

Blogging requires lots of different things such as accounts, files, and much more. Keeping all of these things organized will make life soooo much easier.

After not even a month of blogging, our blog (which you should totally subscribe to) has two WordPress accounts, a Google account, a Canva account, a Mailchimp account, our own email account, and more. And, I’m sure there will be a bunch added in the future. That’s A LOT!

Here’s some organization tips:

  • Make one main document to keep track of information.

We have found that this is the BEST way to keep track of information, plus, it’s all in one place! This makes all your information easy and accessible if it’s needed!

*NOTE: If you can, lock your document (or whatever you use). This is super important because if someone somehow comes across this document, they will have access to ALL your information! You definitely don’t want that.

  • Create different accounts to separate personal accounts from blog accounts.

We REALLY recommend this one!

Here’s what I mean:

For example, Gianna and I both have our own personal Canva account. However, we decided to make a separate Canva that is just for our blog. This makes it so much easier to keep our personal stuff and work stuff away from each other so it things don’t get confusing AND so that either of us have access to it. This makes things SO much easier. We did the same with some other accounts as well!

  • Make folders.

If you are using some sort of computer or laptop for your blog (which I’m assuming you are), making folders will save you tons of time. Using folders for pictures is without a doubt the most important. 

Think about it…

Eventually, your blog will probably have hundreds, maybe thousands of pictures used and linked to it. Having separate folders, such as for Pinterest, galleries, or just photo’s in general, will help make things more organized. This will also help you to find them easier!

I also really recommend NAMING your pictures! Yes, it might take a bit of extra time, but you’ll be happy you did it when you need to find the picture “Fishing at my lake house.”

  • Have an email for your blog, and use it for everything.

I’ll say it again for the people in the back.

Have an email for your blog, and use it for everything.

Having a separate email for your blog is one of the most important things ever. By having one, all emails going to your blog will be found in one place!

Also, use this email for everything that has to do with your blog. Clearly, if it’s for something personal, use your personal email.

That way, you’ll know that any account that was made for your blog uses your blog email. 

This will help so much!

  • Delete unecessary things, such as plugins, posts, pages, and more. 

I think this one is pretty self explanatory.

If you don’t delete unneeded things, they will just pile up and pile up over time. This will waste space AND make things way more complicated and confusing! 

Compare this to people in your life: you keep the good ones by your side and remove the bad ones to keep everything great! 

All in all, organization has been a key part in keeping our blog running smoothly. It’s worth the extra time!

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2. Do your research!

Research is so important. 

If you want to have a successful blog, I recommend taking the time to learn how! Learn how to start a blog, learn about good plugins, learn how to code, learn how to make good Pinterest pins, learn the Pinterest algorithm…just learn!

Before Gianna and I started our blog, we read tons of other blogs and articles to help us. 

Some of my favorite blogs that we read that helped us were from Create and Go

Their blogs really gave us an insight on what blogging is like, what we would need to do, how to make it successful, and general information to help us learn how to do it!

Some of my favorite blog posts from them were:

I would 100% recommend checking these out after you finish reading our tips!

There are TONS of other blogs and articles out there, and they will all help you. 

Knowing how to do something is better than not knowing how to do something. Invest your time in it, you will be glad you did.

3. Use Pinterest!

Pinterest will be your best friend if you have a blog.

In my opinion, and SO many other bloggers’ opinions, Pinterest is the BEST way to market and drive traffic to your blog. This is for sooo many reasons!

I could go on and on and on about Pinterest. However, I’m only going to explain my top reasons that I love it. (By the way, you should definitely follow our Pinterest here!)

Here’s why I love Pinterest:

  • It’s free! (For the most part)

Pinterest is completely free, unless you want to promote a pin. However, you don’t even need to promote a pin to get thousands of views, link clicks, and saves, which is why I love it!

  • It shows you your analytics!

If you have a business account (which I COMPLETELY recommend if you have a blog), Pinterest will show you so many stats. For example, it will show you your account views, who saved your pins, the number of times people have seen your pins, closeups on pins, your top pins, your growth, and SO much more! All of this stuff is very useful for your blog. Believe me.

  • You can make your own content, and as much as you want!

I love to make lots of content on Pinterest that links straight to our blog, and, it shows! Tons of people have visited our blog because of this WONDERFUL website!

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4. Have a functional website before posting content!

This one’s important.

Before you start posting content to your website, I think it’s super important to have a functioning website. It doesn’t have to be completely done, and it won’t be, because you’ll always be adding stuff to it.

However, I do think having things such as categories, an email list, an “About” page, and other important website necessities is important. This is because if someone visits your website before it is functioning, they won’t have a way to come back, or, won’t really want to.

Focus on the website before the actual blog posts! This will save you!

5. Make content that you AND your readers enjoy!

Think about it this way…

The purpose of your blog is to write and have other people read it, right?

Well, then you’ll want to make your writing significant, engaging, and what your readers want to see!

I think this one is pretty self explanatory again, but it is also important to write about things you personally enjoy.

Stay in your niche!

Believe me, readers will be able to tell if you are writing about something that you don’t actually like or enjoy!

Be passionate about what you write about, but also put your readers into consideration. Make it something you all will enjoy! That way, everyone stays happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Pin it for later!

I hope that you all found these tips helpful. If you are a new blogger just like us, best of luck on your journey and feel free to reach out to us whenever you need to! Our email is contact@gandlblog.com! Or, click HERE to email us!

Also, comment the name of your blog down below! We would love to check it out! 

Thank you for reading out post, and I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to subscribe for more content! (You will also receive a FREEBIE) Click HERE to learn more about it!


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