31 Ways to Be Connected to the World Around You

When I say be connected, I mean to be connected to the world around you rather than wifi or cell service. It’s healthy for you to live life in the moment and be one-on-one with natural life everywhere you look. You’re capable of making your own impact on this world one step at a time. Stop staring at a screen, and start getting involved! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Wake up with the sun

  • Don’t go on your phone right after you wake up

  • Take a walk down your street

  • Involve yourself with your community

  • Do volunteer work

  • Join a club (a book club)

  • Only use your phone for taking pictures, or important calls or texts throughout the day

  • Plant flowers and watch them grow

  • Try a new outdoor hobby (gardening, biking, golfing, surfing)

Be Connected to the World Around You

  • Walk to the park and lay in the grass (cloud watch)

  • Don’t run at the gym, run outside

  • Donate to a charity of your choice

  • Take a road trip to somewhere you’ve never been

  • Read a book and sit on a bench

  • Learn something new (explore a place and research about it)

  • Play with puppies

  • Walk through a city and admire the art

  • Go all natural for the day (no makeup)

  • Sit down at a park and use your five senses (watch the sights, listen to the sounds, feel the air, smell food/flowers nearby, taste your drink)

  • Do a random act of kindness

  • Paint a picture of what you see at this very moment

  • Go to a local event (a fair/carnival, fundraiser)

  • Go strawberry picking (apple picking, blueberry picking)

  • Take a bike ride with your friend

  • Climb/hike up a mountain

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  • Go into the sun, and feel the rays absorbing into your skin

  • Go to an outdoor concert because music is so therapeutic

  • Swim in the ocean

  • Sit on top of a car and watch the stars

  • Look for shooting stars

  • Pick flowers and give them to someone

People grow more appreciative of life by doing things that allow them to be more connected to the world. Every day I look at the little things (flowers, animals, trees blooming, the weather, butterflies, the stars) and I feel such a deep connection to the world. I say to myself “Wow, this is the place I am fortunate enough to experience. I’m so thankful to explore this new day because life itself is incredible.”

Believe it or not, I’ve gotten the most out of this world by having this kind of mindset. Although some people may disagree, this worked wonders on my life. Don’t take things for granted and be thankful for every day that you get on this earth. Certainly start by making a list of the things that make you happy, especially the natural beauties.  In no time, you’ll have a more positive perspective of this world. Take every day in, one breath at a time. Even throughout the bad days, there’s always something to be thankful for. Be connected.

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