17 Inspirational New Year’s Quotes For 2020

It’s almost the end of the decade! 2020 is right around the corner, which makes me both excited for a fresh start but sad to leave all the amazing memories of the past decade. The new year is a great time to try and better yourself, and it’s a great opportunity to grow and do things you’ve never done before. Here are 17 motivational New Year’s quotes that you need to hear for 2020!

I hope everyone has a great New Year!

17 Inspirational New Year’s Quotes

1. New year, new me, new beginning

It’s your time to shine! Take this new year as a new beginning and an opportunity to better yourself. It’s a great time to do so!

Inspirational New Year's Quotes

2. January 1st is the first page of a 365 page novel

That’s right! YOU have the opportunity to write out your year and its story. This is your new beginning, as said above! Be excited for the story!

Inspirational New Year's Quotes

3. Cheers to the past & cheers to the future

Celebrate the past and celebrate the future! Always remember that your past has brought you to where you are now, and maintain hope that your future will carry you in the right direction. 

Positive New Year's Quotes

4. May the new year bring peace, love, and happiness

May your new year be everything you need it to be! I hope your 2020 is filled with lots of peace, endless love, and constant happiness.

Inspirational Positive New Year's Quotes

5. 2020 is going to be a good year

Go into 2020 with this mindset! Anticipate the good that is to come in the future instead of worrying about the bad. Life’s too short for that!

Positive New Year's Quotes

6. 365 new days filled with 365 new chances

A common theme throughout these quotes: it’s your fresh start! Make the most of your new year and plan big… you can do anything!

Inspirational New Year's Quotes

7. May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s Resolutions – Joey Adams 

I find this one pretty cute and comical. (But on a serious note…New Year’s Resolutions are great so try to stick with them! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) You get the point…

Don’t dwell on things that happened in the past. Negativity only makes our lives worse, so I hope that you’re new year is filled with positivity!

Inspirational New Year's Quotes

8. 2020 is the beginning of a new decade, make it a good one

Here we go! A new DECADE…exciting right?! Start it off with a bang!

Inspirational New Year's Quotes

9. May all your dreams come true in the new year

As mentioned above…you can do anything! It’s honestly true. I never thought that I would be here blogging, but I worked hard and here I am! 

Positive New Year's Quotes

10. Cheers to another year and another chance to get it right – Oprah Winfrey

I love this quote. Reread it. Soak it in. Now reread it again. ๐Ÿ™‚

Inspirational Positive New Year's Quotes

11. Be excited for what is to come in the new year

Try not to be nervous, anxious, or scared for the new year because that will only stop it from being the best that it could be!

Positive New Year's Quotes

12. Welcome a new beginning with endless possibilities

Be welcoming! Accept this opportunity to grow and change because the possibilities really are endless!

Inspirational New Year's Quotes

13. 12 new chapters & 365 new chances

Honestly, you have even more changes than that. Every single moment is a chance to grow, change, better yourself, and more. Seize the moment!

Positive Inspirational New Year's Quotes

14. Make this year your best year

I can’t demand you to make 2020 a good year, and sometimes you have no control of it. However, you can control your attitude towards it, and mentality is everything!

Inspirational New Year's Quotes

15. This year improve yourself for yourself

Take time to grow. New Years resolutions are great for this. Find something and stick to it! 

Remember…never change because someone wants you to. Do YOU for YOU! You got this!

Motivational New Year's Quotes

16. This is going to be THE year

As said above, it’s all MENTALITY! If you keep telling yourself this, you will have a better year than if you kept thinking “this is going to be the WORST year.” Think positively! 

Motivational Positive New Year's Quotes

17. In the new year I want to live, laugh, love & learn

Ending on a high note!

In this new year, focus on your life. 

Think: what do I want more of in my life? What do I want less of? What do I want to change about myself, the people around me, or where I am? How can I improve my quality of life?

New Years IS (sort of) THE SOLUTION! Make these changes and you will be happy!

Inspirational Positive New Year's Quotes

I hope that your 2020 is everything you dream it could be and more. A very happy holidays from both of us, Gianna and Leah! We hope this post has excited you for the year to come and will help you to make it a good one!

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Once again, thanks for reading! Happy holidays!


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