10 Months Blogging Update: October 2019

It’s been over ten months since we started our blogging journey. It has been filled with highs and lows, but I think we can both safely say, we have gotten the hang of it!

We wanted to give everyone an update on our blog and where it’s at because we know how difficult it can be to be beginner bloggers. Hopefully our journey can inspire others to persevere even through the tough times.

Keep reading to learn what it’s been like!

Our Update

Being student bloggers is definitely not easy. 

We started our blog in January but it was off to an extremely slow start. It wasn’t long before school completely took over and we pretty much forgot about blogging.

A few months later we decided that we wanted to move on with our blogging careers! We picked up the blog again around early summer. 


After reviewing our blog, we realized we were not happy with our content. Instead of using blogging as an outlet and a way to express ourselves, we found ourselves in a trap of trying to use blogging to get viewers and subscribers.


We deleted most of our content and decided to start fresh!

In addition, we decided to remodel our website. 

Before it was remodeled, it didn’t look good. We even asked what we should change on a Facebook group (which we will be posting about in the near future), and they said that our design should be a bit better.

Worried about your design? Comment below and we can tell you what the best blog designs and themes are!

We also focused on QUALITY over QUANTITY.

I can’t emphasize this enough! Good quality content will keep your readers coming back!



Soon after we had started posting more, we noticed that our content wasn’t receiving many views. Although we were focusing on quality, it was still frustrating that we weren’t getting many people to read our posts!

We began to research TONS of ways to drive traffic to our blog, and it worked!

We ended up hitting our first 1,000 page views! Now, this number may seem small, but for us, it was a big deal!

We did this in MANY ways.

Here’s our top 3 ways we got people to view our blog!

  1. Pinterest Marketing (Making our account visibly attractive, growing our followers, and getting repins. Tailwind helps with this!)
  2. Facebook Marketing (Facebook groups are HUGE!)
  3. Indexing on Google Search Console (An absolute GAME CHANGER! This puts your posts onto Google so that it can be found through searches and viewed! This helps drive in organic traffic!)

The Future

Now that school has started again, we have already noticed that it’s been more difficult to post.

However, we don’t want this to stop us!

We will continue to post, even if it isn’t as much.

Our goal by the end of the year is to reach 1,500 page views, and by the end of next year, hopefully close to or more than 5,000!


Thank you for reading our update. If you are a new blogger and need help, you can always email us: contact@gandlblog.com


Comment below if you have a blog and we will check it out!


See you soon,

Gianna & Leah


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